Publication Services


  • Tanzeemul Makatib has prepared and published 17 textbooks for the Maktabs in Urdu, Hindi, English, Gujarati and Bengali.
  • Number of copies of these books has reached millions.
  • Hundreds of thousands copies off other at cad make books on religion, Spirituality and moral education in Urdu, Hindi, English and Gujarati languages have also been published over the years.

Urdu Magazine

  • Tanzeemul Makatib Urdu-English bilingual monthly regular published since 1980.
  • Free for Maktabs, various educational organizations, reading rooms and libraries.
  • Circulation about 3000
  • Special issues on different subjects such as marriage, ethics, Islamic History and Quranic guidance of life.

Hindi Magazine

  • Tanzeemul Makatib Hindi monthly magazines launched in 2000, has attained new level of popularity in the community.
  • This magazine is warmly welcomed by the youth who want to seek religious knowledge. Although their mother tongue is Urdu, they are unable to read Urdu script, but they are able to read Hindi.
  • Circulation 1500


  • Does who do not have time to read books can visit our website for:
  • Character building
  • Religious information and knowledge.
  • Social and religious questions and answers, As well as solutions for family problems.
  • Majalis of Khatib-e-Azam (T.S.) the visionary founder of our organization and also Allama Zeeshan Haider Jawadi (T.S.) One of the most well known scholars of this age.
  • In addition, monthly Urdu and Hindi magazines are the books are also available.

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