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What Are Web Maintenance Fees?

Maintenance fees are the monthly charges incured by Ideosis Technologies Inc. to keep this website up-to-date with fresh and relevant information.

How Can I Help?

Donations are gratefully accepted to help us with this website maintenance by making a small financial donation. website hosting and maintenance fee is $17.74 per month. The following are some suggested considerations:

  • If 9 people donated $1.97 per month, that would give $17.83
  • If 20 people donated 89¢ a month, that would give us $17.80
  • If 15 Partner Madressa donated $1.20 per month, it would pay for our hosting with 26¢ left toward neat photos
  • If 12 Partner Madressa donated $17.74 each, it would mean a Partner Madressa would only have to make one donation per year, or only $1.48 per month

How Can I Give?

The easier way to give is through PayPal. Its easier and less expensive way for you is to use our PayPal account.

Just click on the orange Donate button. That will open our PayPal gateway. From there you can pay from your PayPal account if you have one, or use your credit card. You can even setup recurring donations if you wish.

PayPal will also let you transfer money from your bank if you prefer that method.

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